At some point he was eliminated, but stayed to whine

At some point he was eliminated, but stayed to whine

President Trump keeps warning that undocumented immigrants will increase unemployment among native born Americans. There was scant evidence of this prior to Sunday, but it is now an undeniable fact. The surge in apprehensions along the southern border (more than twice as many arrivals arrested in February 2019 compared with February 2018) just cost Kirstjen Nielsen her job..

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What more disappointing to me is that yet again, (deliberate) unclear communication set our expectations and then we look like idiots for being confused about what we got. It says “story”, but that not a complete story. The story is clearly there, but are we ever going to get it? Who knows.

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Hermes Handbags All 3 networks are not hermes replica clutch worth watching. They all spin stories to fit a specific Hermes Replica Belt targeted group instead of trying to present the actual facts of what is happening. It is infotainment and not news.> If we want that to change we’re all going to have to put in a lot of workProbably, but there still a pretty high probability that Biden will drop down all by himself, once he actually has to start speaking instead of just relying on corporate media propaganda.Not saying that there won be a lot of work to do since there will still be a lot of propaganda, but Biden himself will do quite a bit of it.All those polls that insist on including a guy who isn in the race in order to put him in first place are just there to manufacture consent Hermes Handbags.

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