Then useful idiots do the whole bleeding hearts act and get

Then useful idiots do the whole bleeding hearts act and get

What did you think all those kids say in the jungle camp were so desperate to get into the UK for, the great weather? They are bought and paid for and only want to get into the UK because the gangs want them there and put pressure on them to go. Then useful idiots do the whole bleeding hearts act and get the government to do the traffickers job for them. They go into care in the UK or given over to their “relatives” and then disappear into the slave trade (usually the sex trade) petty much straight away..

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The only ones obsessed with Avenatti were right wing pundits trying to make him a thing. The left immediately distanced itself from Avenatti when he started attention whoring and declaring he might run for office. It was then that it became abundantly clear that Avenatti was just capitalizing on the Trump outrage and inventing bullshit which only served to delegitimize valid criticisms of Trump..

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